Spring Cleaning!

Spring is just around the corner which means more than just cleaning up around the house; it means updating your wardrobe.  But before you throw everything out and go hunting for new, consider updating your look through accessories especially as trends and clothing transition between cool to warmer.

What’s in store for Spring 2011?  For the colder spring days, it will be perfectly acceptable to top off your outfit with a fedora.  The fedoras of spring will lend themselves to being more relaxed than structured, using softer felts and contrasting bands.  At the other end, nude strappy sandals will be an easy go-to for any outfit.  What goes in the middle?  How about a doubled belt to cinch in that waist and show off those lovely curves.  These three items will be an easy 1-2-3 update to your current wardrobe. 

So what can you do with the accessories you have that still have life in them?  Sign up to participate in the Fashion With A Passion Accessories Swap.  Get the Swap rules here.

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