Draping In Action

n. draping

1. The practice of creating dresses on mannequins using three yards of fabric without cutting or sewing at all.  The dresses are created by folding and pinning the fabric only.

Fashion is undoubtedly a vehicle for self-expression both for the designer and for wearer.  However, to become a fashion designer, there is an arsenal of skill that have to be learned, honed, and executed in order to come up with a quality and creative garment.

One of those skills is draping.  At the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Fashion Design Students start learning how to drape in their second quarter of their first year.  That is how essential this craft is to the overall design process. 

This past February, a select group of FIDM Fashion Design students competed in a draping contest as part of Princess Project.  Princess Project is an organization that helps young girls with self-confidence as well as helping them obtain free dresses and accessories for prom when they would otherwise not be able to afford them.  The students had just an hour to fold, rip, pin and create their garment.  Can you believe that?

Here are the first place and second place winners:

Interested in seeing draping in action?  Buy your tickets to Fashion With A Passion!

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