Companies that empower women

This past Thursday I had the opportunity to watch CAbi designers unveiled their Spring 2013 collection at the San Diego Convention Center as part of their twice a year event, The Scoop. CAbi is somewhat of an unknown name in the San Diego fashion scene, having never heard of the brand previous to the invitation. However, Carol Anderson, women’s apparel designer, sold her collections for over twenty five years to department stores such and Nordstrom and Macy’s. In 2002, Carol Anderson changed business platforms and launched CAbi, short for Carol Anderson by invitation. Promoting a unique in-home social shopping experience for women, CAbi grew by employing and empowering women as home-based fashion consultants for their communities.

Having sat at the Convention Center with approximately 3000 of these “CAbi girl” consultants, brought in to preview and learn business techniques, the passion and excitement from these women was incredibly infectious. The message was clear: this was a business built on relationship and adventure.  You can read the full article here, however the energy and camaraderie of the CAbi girls reminded me a great deal of San Diego’s own Fashion Fairies and the wonderful community of women that gather annually a the Fashion With A Passion event.

In addition to raising funds for Make-A-Wish Foundation here in San Diego, the women who participate in the event are not only supporting the children of this community but also each other. There is a sympathetic drive in each and everyone of us that continues to push each other but also lends a strong shoulder to rest upon when necessary.

We hope you take the opportunity to join, play with, and support our fantastic group of women.

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