Fashion Fairies

Jazmyn’s rise to stardom 

Sixteen-year-old Jazmyn is ready for her 15 minutes of fame. This teenager loves to sing, dance, listen to music, and have fun! She is a self-describes celebrity fan girl with a magnetic personality, and her outgoing nature enables her to do just about anything she sets hers mind to.

Jazmyn was diagnosed with a progressive medical condition known as cystic fibrosis when she was just four months old. While the symptoms of CF vary, Jazmyn will deal with persistent lung infections and limited breathing ability over time. She has been under treatment for her entire life.

In a family of six kids, it’s easy to feel invisible, even when you have a life- threatening illness. So, when Jazmyn was referred to Make-A-Wish® San Diego in September of 2016, she was given a unique opportunity to choose her heart’s true wish, independent of her family’s needs. Jazmyn has decided that her wish is to be famous.

The details of this wish are still being developed, but the endless possibilities include acting, singing, dancing, and fashion modeling. Soon, we will learn just what being famous mean to wish kid Jazmyn.


Fashion Fairies pledge form.doc 2

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