Jazmyn’s Wish

Our Wish Kid Jazmyn is ready to shine! This seventeen year old is a self-described celebrity fangirl with an electric personality who can do anything she sets her mind to.

Jazmyn was diagnosed with a progressive medical condition known as Cystic Fibrosis  when she was four months old. While the symptoms of CF vary, Jazmyn will deal with persistent lung infections and limited breathing ability over time. She has been under treatment for her entire life.


When Jazmyn was referred to Make-A-Wish(R) San Diego in September of 2016, she was given a very unique opportunity to choose her heart’s true wish. Jazmyn has decided that her wish is to be famous.

Jazmyn and her family will be leaving on a fabulous “Wish trip” to New York City in the near future. While in New York she will visit all of the sights and have the amazing opportunity of spending a day at Juilliard, where she will sit-in on one of the classes and have the chance to interact with students who can share their own experiences.



We hope that it will be a trip that Jazmyn and her family will never forget!

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